Monday, August 1, 2011

School Supplies for pennies....

I just went shopping for my kids school supplies and scooped up some deals! Since I already have made a list for my deals, I figured I would share. See below....

Also, are you sitting here thinking "I have no idea what school supplies we need?" Well, if you go to your local Office Max, they have a convenient display with all local school supply lists. I loved this as my husband was complaining that our new school had a longer supply list. One look at the other school list and he was proved wrong. Our new school has a shorter list! Ha Ha!

So, here are some of the best deals by store for this week ending August 6th:

Composition notebooks 59 cents
Colored pencils 39 cents
2 pocket folders with prongs 11 cents
Notebook filler paper 59 cents
6 pack of Papermate highlighters 39 cents
24 pack of crayons 59 cents
1 subject notebooks 39 cents
2 pack of pink erasers 29 cents with coupon in store circular
Fiskar Scissors 79 cents with coupon in store circular
3 pack of glue sticks or one bottle of liquid glue 59 cents with coupon in store circular
4 pack of dry erase markers 99 cents with coupon in store circular

Office Max:
Composition notebooks 50 cents
Post It Notes, buy two, get one, plus coupon in store for free totebag with purchase of two)
Rulers 1 cent
Crayons 1 cent
Pencils 10 cents
3 pack of glue sticks 50 cents
Dry erase markers, Buy two, get two

2 pocket folders 1 cent
2 pack Sharpie markers 25 cents
2 pack pink erasers 10 cents