Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lowe's FREE Classes get an A+

I posted about Lowe's before but I had to re-post.  Consider this your "up-to-the-minute" report on today's Lowe's Build and Grow class.  My fabulous husband took the boys to the event this morning at Lowe's so I could catch up on my rest.  You know that we celebrated our anniversary last night!  I ended up not getting a swift kick in the butt as my gift even though I was pretty sure that was what was in store for me.  Instead I got a romantic dinner out and flowers.  Again, he is so fabulous for putting up with me for 11 years!

So back to the Lowe's event.  I just received pictures of the boys via phone from my hubby.  He said the event was well run and the kids had so much fun.  I have to say that I wasn't sure how good this event would be as we have never participated in any of the Lowe's kids program, only Home Depot.  Today's event started at 10 am and lasted about 45 minutes. The boys built school lockers and were even given locks with keys (their favorite part) for the lockers.  The lockers were wood kits that they "built" and then they could decorate them.  They used hammers and nails to assemble the lockers, no glue here!  Overall, the boys gave the event a "thumbs up"!

There are two future events scheduled at Lowe's.  The first class is on September 10th, at 10 am.  Kids will be building wooden police cars.  The second scheduled class is scheduled for September 24th, at 10 AM.  Your kids will be building wooden fire trucks.  If your kids are anything like mine, you need to sign up for both of these!  Classes do fill up, so register today

Click here to sign up!

Here are details of Lowe's Build & Grow classes:

Lowe's programs are reccommend for kids first grade through fifth grade. Lowe's projects are always made of wood. You MUST register online in order to sign up for the class. Don't wait as the classes do fill up! Also, the first 50 kids to register and be present at the store at 10am will receive a kit, aprons and goggles, in addition to all the materials to make their project.  AND it's FREE!

Remember that your child must be at least 5 years of age and accompanied by an adult who can assist with them with their project.


  1. This is awesome! I'm totally taking Sammy to this. He'll love it. Nice to do something hands on like, is it really free?

    Happy Anniversary my friend :) Good job Jason!

  2. All Free! Hurry up and register yourselves before it fills up!