Sunday, October 16, 2011

Don't miss the last night of the Lake Mary Ghost Tour!

A bunch of us headed out last night to our back yard of Lake Mary for a reasonably priced ($14 for a family of four) Ghost Tour put on by the Lake Mary Historical Museum.  It was dark, there were ghosts and even a cookie at the end! 

The Ghost Tour was a tour of the downtown area of Lake Mary, near City Hall, to the cemetary and back.  It consisted of walking to different ghost stations with a tour and sometimes getting a little spooked.  Ok, the adults weren't spooked but the kids were.  Anyway, at each station you were told different stories about people who were from Lake Mary and their lives and how they became ghosts.  There was one station about zombies that had nothing to do with Lake Mary or ghosts but the boys loved it. 

This tour is appropriate for ages 7 and up.  I heard a rumor that it made a couple young 6 year olds from another group cry so if you child is extremly sensitive about scary things then you might want to pass.  The area that caused the tears was the police station and without giving anything away, it's the part of the tour where you go inside the station where things might "happen" while you are there.   Even though this made a few little ones cry, this was definitely a favorite part of the tour for our group, aside from the zombies!  >: o

The ghost tour is only happening one more night, October 23 so get on the phone and call or shoot an email to make reservations now.

Here is the information that I received from the Lake Mary Museum. 

"The Lake Mary Historical Museum’s Annual Ghost Walk is filling up fast!  Make your reservation soon, so you don’t miss your chance to meet some of Lake Mary’s ghosts!  Tours leave the museum every 10 minutes beginning at 7PM for a trip to the cemetery and back.  The Ghost Walk is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 16 and Saturday, Oct. 23 only.  Closed to shoes are strongly recommended
The cost is only $5 for adults and $2 for children under 18.  To make your reservation or for more information, call 407-585-1481 or email  The museum is located at 158 N. Country Club Rd in Lake Mary."

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